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Our VisionEvery instrument. Every style.

Our vision is to create a place where people can come to learn any instrument, from piano to didgeridoo, and learn to play any style of music from classical to rap. We believe in all music - not just the songs of one culture or one group. Music binds people together, and we are here to facilitate that process.

Fritz Rollins, Founder


World of Sound

A 501(c)(3)

Nonprofit We are focused on:

  • Music Lessons

  • Live Music Events

  • Helping Students Find Quality Local Teachers

  • Supporting Public Performances of Music

  • Providing Musical Instruments

  • Global Music Programs

About Us

Our Purpose

To provide instruction in music such as, playing instruments, history, theory, composition, arrangement, recording, production, and other related subjects.

World of Sound Foundation Bylaws

To sponsor special events involving the public performance of music as well as other performing arts involving the live performance of music.

World of Sound Foundation Bylaws

To directly engage in and provide support for others to engage in music education and promotion, generally, including, but not limited to, the creation of technologies to assist in the learning of music, and the provision of musical instruments to music learners.

World of Sound Foundation Bylaws