About UsOur story thus far...

It started with a ukulele

My daughter took a beginning ukulele class over the summer, and her new found interest led me to see if I could find additional online lessons for her. What I found were lots of videos that taught how to play specific songs. Some were high quality, and some were barely watchable. When I tried to dig deeper for videos about proper techniques and exercises, I found a mixed bag of teachers - again some good, and some questionable. Many of the lessons were there - how to hold a ukulele, where to place your fingers, etc - but there was no structure to them. It was left to the student to figure out the order of how they should be watched. Any complete lessons I found inevitably cost money. As I researched other instruments, I found the same difficulty in finding quality, structured instruction.

The seed of an idea

What if there was a single place that anyone could go and get lessons on any musical instrument? What if you could learn about different styles of music? What if you could learn to compose a symphony or write a country song or play heavy metal guitar? What if new musicians could get introduced to a community of teachers that would help them in their musical journey?

What if it was all free?

We formed World of Sound as a nonprofit public benefit corporation to answer all these questions and more. Right now we are at the very beginning stage and doing our very first fundraiser to raise the money to complete our site and begin shooting videos. Please help us in the noble cause of bringing more music and joy to the world.